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The Seven Colored Chakra Coin

Description: The Seven Chakras sculpted into a Chakra Health Coin. Carry them with you to always remember the order of the 7 Colored Chakras or as a focus point for meditation.

Purple - Crown Chakra Blue - Third Eye Chakra Light Blue - Throat Chakra Green - Heart Chakra Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra Orange - Sacral Chakra Red - Root Chakra

This good luck token also makes a thoughtful gift or learning tool.

The coin is colored with hard enamel paint on both sides. It is made of solid metal to work with magnetism and be utilized in Chakra Alignment and Reiki. These coins are intended to last a lifetime in your Chakra Health toolkit.

$25 Each. Free shipping on 2 or more (inside the US. Unfortunately shipping to the UK is on hold.).

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